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We ask that each store consider the SKU Card Sales process as it secures that funds are collected when the purchaser receives the card and benefits and a seamless transition transaction at the end of the event. Please select the sales process you prefer to use for processing Card sales.
Terms and Conditions
This agreement confirms our participation in the 2024 Shop With Heart Card fundraising event and acknowledges our agreement to the terms and conditions stated below: • We acknowledge that AHA retains all proceeds from the sale of the card. • We are financially responsible for all cards sold, missing, lost or stolen cards. Each card has a cash value of $75. All unused Cards must be returned to the American Heart Association no later than May 31, 2023. • We agree to sell and promote the Shop With Heart Card during the 10-day fundraising event from Friday, April 19 through Sunday, April 28, 2024. Including displaying materials provided: posters, brochures, and other marketing items. • We will not accept credit cards or checks from Card purchasers outside of the USA – Cash only. • We understand the Shop With Heart Card is non-transferable and we will request photo identification to ensure only the person whose name and signature appears on the Card, is using the Card. • We agree to advise all store personnel of these conditions and to promote the sale of Cards. • We agree to not run a store-wide promotional discount on regular priced merchandise where the discount competes with the Shop With Heart Card discount during the 10-day fundraising event. • We will honor the 20% discount on all regular priced store merchandise for Shop With Heart Card holders unless merchant is under a contractual agreement that prohibits such discount on specific merchandise. • We are not required to honor the Shop With Heart Card 20% discount on: sale merchandise; gift certificates/cards; layaway payments; online purchases; previously purchased merchandise; special orders; restricted merchandise. Card is not valid with any other offer. • We have noted all exclusions, if any, on the front of this Shop With Heart Card Participation Agreement. • We will not replace lost or stolen Shop With Heart Cards, and we understand the American Heart Association and Heart Guild of Houston will not replace lost or stolen Cards.